12-year-old boy responds to Ben Carson: "I Will Become the First Muslim President"

A video featuring a 12-year-old boy from Minnesota responding to GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson's statements that he would not advocate for a Muslim president has gone viral.

My son Yusuf's responce to Ben Carson

Carson made the statements in a Meet the Press interview on September 20.

In the video, Yusuf Dayur a middle-school student from Eden Prairie, Minnesota addresses the camera.

He says, "Mr. Carson, what would you do if someone said you couldn't become president because of your faith? That's what you did to me…I wanted to become president since I was two, three-years-old…I'm black and I'm Muslim…and I will become the first Muslim president."

The video was posted by Dayur's mother, Shukri Hashi Hashi.

Since it was posted on September 21, the post has been viewed more than 176,000 times and shared more than 5,000 times.