12-year-old lacrosse player who recently came out as gay promotes LGBT equality with Courage Games

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

When a 12-year-old from our area blurted out to his friends that he was gay -- he never imagined that in less than a year -- he'd be helping others with their journey.

Braeden became so depressed that his parents feared he may take his own life.

They searched the internet for anything that would help and came across a 2005 ESPN piece on Andrew Goldstein -- the first gay athlete drafted into a pro sports league.

The two unlikely friends organized the first "courage" lacrosse game -- promoting LGBT equality.

Braeden is now the face of a Johnson & Johnson awareness campaign --- and says his work is just beginning.

Braeden is now embarking on a new mission --- Courage Home.

He wants a find a place where LGBT youth kicked out of their homes because of the sexual orientation -- can live without fear.

Braeden visited Good Day Philadelphia Monday morning with his parents Mandy and Scott to speak about their story and the Courage Games.