2 Charged in Fishtown Woman's Murder

A burning candle sits outside the Fishtown home on Earl Street where police say 54-year-old Katherine Wilson was found dead this morning. They say she was beaten to death and her home had been ransacked.

"It was horrible. She was such a nice lady. She did a lot for the community and it's just a tragedy," said Chuck Charon who lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors were stunned to learn that two people who knew the victim are now charged in her murder. Police say a couple, 47-year-old Jane Johnson and 50-year old James Cleaver worked a house cleaner and handyman for the victim who they later determined had been dead in the home for three days.

"The investigation revealed that on Friday two suspects a male and female known to the victim entered the property and brutally and savagely beat the 54-year-old victim to death and stole a large amount of money from the house splitting it between the two," said Captain James Clark.

Wilson was a block captain and ward committee member in her neighborhood.

"She was my friend," a neighbor sobbed.

She's remembered a caregiver by those closest to her.

"40 years growing up with her she was like a mother. This is hard," said a neighbor.

Investigators say they caught on to the suspects after the house cleaner told them she believed Wilson was dead and that her boyfriend, the handyman, was responsible. Police say during questioning they both confessed. They also say the suspects split about $25,000 they allegedly stole from the victim. Close friends say the money was part of a family inheritance.

"It's a shock for that to happen right around the corner to where I live," said Evan Weiss.