2 New Jersey beaches under water quality advisories due to bacteria

Dozens of New Jersey beaches were under water quality advisories this week after testing found an increased level of bacteria concentration. That number has since dropped from 47 to just 2 beaches.

The beaches were placed under advisories after testing revealed the water in these areas exceeded the state standard of a particular bacteria. According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental protection, the state sanitary code requires that "the concentration of bacteria not exceed 104 colonies of Enterococci bacteria per 100 milliliters of sample."

Enterococci is described as a type of bacteria that typically serves as an indicator of possible human or animal waste contamination in bathing waters.

After a sample shows higher than 104 colonies of the bacteria, beaches are placed under an advisory until a follow-up sample can be tested. If the second sample is also high, the beach will be closed.

Any closings would remain in effect until further samples show bacteria levels have fallen below the state standard.

In past years when advisories have been issued, officials have said heavy rainfall can help contribute to higher levels of bacteria.

State officials say beachgoers should not panic just stay aware. The advisories impact beaches in the following: Brick Township and Ocean County.

A full list of beaches under advisories can be found on the NJDEP website.