2-year-old walks through fresh concrete on basement floor

(INSIDE EDITION)--A 2-year-old took a step in the wrong direction when she walked through freshly laid concrete in her family's basement on Friday.

The Millaway family, of Cleveland, was having their basement remodeled, and while workers were waiting for the cement to harden, Izzadora Millaway found herself 5-inches deep in the wet concrete.

"Their floor was uneven so were leveling it. We had to let it sit before we finished it," Jonathan Porter, of Porter Concrete, told InsideEdition.com. "Me and [Izzadora's] mom were talking outside on the porch but after we stopped talking, I said, 'Let me look inside the basement.'"

Porter was shocked by what he found.

"When I looked in the glass door, I saw their 2-year-old standing deep in the concrete. She had a look like, 'Do I need to turn back or do I just stand here?'" Porter said. "We don't know how long she was standing there. When I looked at her I said, 'Oh my God.'"

Porter said he told the 2-year-old to walk toward him and they took a photo before taking her out of the cement.

"We usually see cats and dogs walking through concrete, but no children," Porter said. "Her parents laughed about it and apologized."

Izzadora's parents said she didn't seem too bothered about her adventure.

"She was trying to find us because we were taking too long talking to the workers. All she said was it felt weird and squishy in between her toes," said Brad Millaway, Izzadora's father.

The family washed her off with the hose and Dawn soap, they said.

Porter's company then re-laid the concrete for the family, but this time with a special touch.

"We fixed the concrete. We were able to take some extra concrete to fill in her footprints. When we fixed it, we made a space for her and her brother to put their footprints in one little section. Those will be permanent," Porter said. "It was just a joy to see the young lady in the concrete and smiling. And we're able to laugh at the picture."