22-year-old working to protect young women, children with Angels Protection Inc. nonprofit

22-year-old Mikaila Davis founded Angels Protection Inc. in 2020. The nonprofit’s mission is to provide resources to mothers and their children, young women, and their families between the ages of 13 and 20. 

"Angels Protection Inc came from the girls being the angel and being able to protect them as well," said Davis. "And even personally my dad, he was my angel and he was really protective of me when he was here."

Davis says in middle and high school she saw many of her friends become pregnant and not have access to the resources they needed to be successful. 

The Hope Haven Health Center located in Exton, PA provides comprehensive support through a range of vital programs and services. 

Some of those services include: maternal and child health programs, mental health and substance abuse services, parenting education, housing programs, and a Cribs for Kids program. 

"I would say god is a big factor in my life and seeing that there needed to be more assistance for these young girls and I felt like I had to will to do it and I should, because if I don’t, then who's going to."

In the future, Davis hopes to expand to other states and even do missionary work in different countries. To accomplish "Making a Difference Together" which is the organization’s slogan, she says community partnering is really important. To volunteer, donate, or run an event visit their website Angels Protection Inc. | nonprofit