4th Grader Saves Grandpa's Life, Thanks to Her Science Fair Project

(FOX NEWS) -- A fourth-grader is being credited with saving her grandpa's life after she recognized he was having a stroke thanks to her science fair project.

Sophia Tabors won a second place ribbon two months ago for her entry on stroke research during a science fair project at her school in St. Louis.

Earlier this month, Tabors was with her grandfather shopping at a grocery store when she realized he was having a stroke after he dropped a bag of apples.

"He was staring at it and I was trying to ask him if he was okay…he was saying something but I didn't get it and his face was droopy on one side," Tabors said.

Tabors told her mom what was happening and she called 911.

Doctors say that her quick-thinking helped to save her grandpa's life.

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