5 friends purchase first property after saving $50 per week for 2 years

Friendship goals and financial stability goals are represented among five friends from Philadelphia.

In 2017, Philadelphia native Najee Hannigan created a plan to change his life. Born out of his interest in real estate and entrepreneurship, 26-year-old Hannigan decided it would be wise to buy an investment property. 

Recognizing that there is strength in numbers, Hannigan brought two of his cousin, Meqai Herder, 23, and Ahmid Hill, 23, and two longtime friends, Tyree Harvey, 26, and Darius Jacobs, 26, into his plan to become young entrepreneurs. 

Once they were committed to the idea, none of them were worried about money interfering with their relationships. 

The friends kept each other accountable with a weekly schedule every Friday to send in the money.

All of the men had their eye on the prize and knew they wanted to make their money work for them. 

"We need to understand the concept of paying ourselves first," Najee explained. He said this mindset was important. 

Currently, the friends are working to renovate the home and plan to rent it out in the future.