5-year-old Aston boy has passion for firefighting

This may be the cutest firefighter ever. One local boy has a passion for fighting fires and he's only five.

"I have a radio and a flashlight right here," said Logan Daniel Pippin. He isn't talking about a Halloween costume. At five years old he's already dressing the part and channeling his future.

"I want to really put out an actual fire and be the chief and drive a fire truck." You heard him. He's aiming high. He hopes to be a fire chief one day and he's already in training.

"There was a fire outside so I was really excited," said Logan who tells me he woke up this morning to a fire at a house across the street from his home on Valley Green Drive in Aston. So he did what any real firefighter would do.

"I got dressed and put on my gear," said Logan.

Fox 29 cameras were there covering the fire. Our cameras captured Logan tagging along with firefighters on scene.

"I put the tools back and did stuff," he said. You're probably wondering how Logan got this gig.

"Who is the firefighter in here? Dad and Pop-Pop," Logan answered. His dad is a firefighter for the Chester Fire Department and his Pop-Pop just retired after 29 years. He's now a volunteer and responded to the fire this morning.

"We let him carry a lighter tool back to the firetruck. He washed the air pack. Somebody holds the hose while he's washing or whatever but it makes him think that he's doing some good," said Logan's grandfather Gordon.

When he's not training he's doing what many five year olds do. He's playing Legos with his big brother Liam.

His mother Kelly says, "Logan loves watching fire videos. He loves watching videos that have been made of firehouses and just reenacting it." Logan's passion for saving lives gets the best of his proud father.

"It's very rewarding. He makes me feel like I am worth something. When you go to work and it doesn't really hit you until you come home and your kid says how many calls did you have, did you have any fires and how big was the fire?" said his dad Gordon.