5-year-old boy on a mission to keep neighborhood safe

Law enforcement in Kansas has a new secret weapon: a 5-year-old who dresses up like a police officer and patrols his neighborhood.

Officer Oliver Davis spends his days and nights, rain or shine, in uniform on his police motorcycle, making sure his Leawood neighborhood is safe.

"I am trying to look for bad guys," Oliver said.

If the young patrolman isn't searching for bad guys, he's keeping the streets safe by running a real radar gun to catch speeders.

"I try to yell 'slow down' but I can't because I keep forgetting to."

Oliver has pulled a few people over and handed out "citations."

The cost per ticket?

"A little kiss on the cheek," the child said.

Officer Oliver, 5, has wanted to be a cop since he was 3-years-old and he said hours of police training has prepared him for his job.

"I'm gunna still be a police officer when I grow up," he said.

It's a job he takes seriously, and one he said he will keep.