5th annual Red Carpet Glam event provides dresses and accessories to students

Going to the prom is one of the most memorable times for teenagers. But when you add it all up, the prom is also pretty pricey. Now the Philadelphia school district is trying to make it easier on the wallet for prom-goers.

Tae brown was one of many at the Red Carpet Glam event.

"It's an awesome program. It's going great we started at 3 o'clock. There were 350 students downstairs waiting," Kimatta Taylor with the Philadelphia School District told FOX 29.

"Somebody told me they were spending $300 on their dress. No, I don't have money for that so I'm glad they had this option," said parent Alana Murray.

The district helped to collect several hundred beautiful formal dresses--all donated.

"85% of the dresses are brand new with tags on. We have an idea about what they cost and what parents would have spent," Taylor explained.

It was definitely a special prom shopping experience that included stylish sandals and other accessories.

The program has been such a success for the girls, the district is thinking they might try to have a similar event for the guys next year. They gave away about $10,000 in donated formal wear here.