6-year-old killed, 11-year-old wounded in drive-by shooting

Police have released surveillance video from the drive-by shooting where a six-year-old boy was killed and his 11-year-old brother wounded. The Jimenez family is distraught and they say as of Friday afternoon, 11-year-old Manuel still doesn't know his younger brother is gone.

Moses Jimenez, 6, last said, "Good night" as he went to bed in the room across from his mother, father and twin sister Delilah. He died in the shooting that was reported before 4 a.m. Friday on Narcissus Street near Flowers Street in southeast Houston.

During a news conference on Friday, Houston police showed surveillance video of the drive-by shooting where Moses was shot in the head and killed.

Both of the children were asleep when the shooting took place. Police say someone drove a vehicle past the intersection and gunshots were fired into a home.

The family says Manuel, who was shot in the chest, the whole time wanted to make sure his younger brother was all right.

The boys' father was still covered in blood on Friday afternoon. His wife remains at the hospital where Manuel had surgery.