6-year-old South Jersey boy with heart condition campaigns for special trip

A young New Jersey boy is staying strong in the fight of his life and now has the opportunity to just be a kid. But, he needs a little bit of help.

6-year-old Major Parker is enjoying his day as any parent would hope their child could. He is playing in the park, full of life while running and playing with his 8-year-old sister, Madison, and his cousin, Ava.

"Major is doing incredible," said his mom Saddiqque Parker. But his handsome little face and playful spirit do not tell the full story of his young life. Major was born with a heart condition called pulmonary atresia.

"So, his right side of his heart wasn't fully developed," said Saddiqque.

He was born on Christmas Day, the best gift she could receive. But she was told he would need multiple open-heart surgeries from that point on.

"It tore me apart," she said. Pictures show Major after his surgeries beginning at 3-days-old and a video shows him learning how to walk again.

"His first procedure was a stent, second was an open-heart surgery at four months and then he's had another surgery at 2 and a half years old," said his mother.

"They actually consider it trying to correct the heart issue but he will have to deal with this for the rest of his life," she added.

Because of that uncertainty, Major has a special opportunity through an organization called OAAT which stands for One At A Time. It helps give kids with life-threatening illnesses a stay at a special home at Disney World, with a catered experience. They also get a special passport for similar experiences at places around the world.

"Major will become a part of a family out in Florida at Give Kids the World. He will be able to visit at least once a year and come back. He has to place his star in the home. They are like little homes or villages. So, you are basically treated from the airport to the home. There is a sign that says Major and its home for the week," said Saddiqque.

The campaign is funded by donations. Major has to raise $5,000.

"He deserves it because of all he's been through and he's been so strong," said his mom.

Anyone wishing to help financially can do so here.