84-year-old Great Grandmother Skydives for Charity

Rosa Kingston says she won't go quietly.

When the 84-year-old great-grandmother found out that had just had terminal ovarian cancer, and would only survive a few more months, she made a resolution to make every second count.

"I have been told I have just months to live. I will not go quietly though," Kingston said. "I want to make every second count."

As part of her resolution, Kingston participated in a charity skydive on to raise money for London's Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Kingston has been a patient of the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in December 2013.

The dive took place on Wednesday, October 14 so far she has raised £7,000 for future research into ovarian cancer, the second most common gynecological cancer.

On her JustGiving page, Kingston wrote about how impressed she has been with the standard of care at Royal Marsden.

"The Royal Marsden has extended my life by two years. In that time I have experienced much joy including seeing my grandson get married, my granddaughter have her first baby, making me a great grandmother, my Australian granddaughter and grandson graduate from university and my daughter getting engaged to be married . Words cannot say how grateful I am," Kingston states.

When Kingston was told that she only had months to live she decided she wanted to do the dive to "Help improve the chances of other women surviving this disease."

A massive thank you and well done to 84-year-old Rosa Kingston who was incredibly brave yesterday after skydiving to...