‘A beautiful moment’: Kindergarteners embrace while learning about MLK

Students embrace while watching video about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A Minnesota kindergarten teacher shared a heartwarming photo of two students with their arms around the other while learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in class on Jan. 21. 

A teacher from Gatewood Elementary School, located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, put on a video about the late civil rights activist during a lesson and as the students gathered on the floor and watched, the teacher saw two of her students sitting with their arms around one another as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. appeared on the screen. 

"A beautiful moment in Kindergarten yesterday! MLK’s dream in action," a Facebook post shared by the school read. 

The students pictured are friends, according to the teacher, and both are five years old. 

The pair embraced one another during the better half of the video, the school confirmed with FOX TV Stations. 

"It brought tears to my eyes," the teacher said in an emailed statement. 

"Our class has an amazing sense of community. We are an outdoor kindergarten program and the children interact and play together in a variety of settings. Social-emotional learning is part of our daily emphasis," the teacher added. 

Hopkins Public Schools shared the photo on their Facebook page and the post has garnered nearly 1,200 comments and over 78,000 shares as of Tuesday.