A call to arms: Tree cutters, volunteers needed in South Georgia

South Georgia is putting out the call for help in the recovery efforts following Hurricane Michael.

They are asking for volunteers to help be on chainsaw gangs and they are looking for experienced tree cutters will to donate their time and energy.

CAREFORCE: How to donate to the Red Cross for Michael relief

Emergency Operations officials also said they are running low on fuel for tree cutters because the nearest working station in a county over and has been plagued with long lines.

Hurricane Michael roared through the Albany area earlier this week still packing powerful winds well over 100 mph. It left utter destruction for buildings, it down trees, power lines, took out traffic lights, caused power to go out for thousands, and changed lives forever.

Those who can donate a few days to volunteer with relief efforts can sign up at spvolunteer.org.

Monetary donations can also be made through the Sherwood Baptist Church's "Albany Storm Relief" online fund.

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