A fourth Nor'easter is bringing fatigue with the snow

A fourth Nor'easter is on the horizon and many across the region are suffering from Nor'easter fatigue. With the storm lining up for the first day of spring, many are saying enough is enough.

"We're just chasing the sun, that's all we can do," said Nicholas DeMaio.

Lots of people had the same idea Sunday, March 18. Out and about, kids, dogs, taking it all in.

"It actually feels like spring out here," Mary Ann Staas said.

"It's been terrible and finally I hope maybe it lasts," Maddie Stafford explained.

Don't get used to the nice weather. Nor'easter number four is coming.

"I actually didn't know that until you just told me, now I'm really upset," Taylor Webster stated.

"It's enough. It's time to have nice weather," Staas said.

Not everyone's convinced the storm will be bad.

"I can tell you, it's gonna happen, because I have off on Wednesday, so it's gonna happen," explained DeMaio.

But, kids on bikes say no big deal.

"I mean, we'll still be around. It doesn't matter. No, the weather doesn't stop us," said Alex Calderon.

Michael Troy sat in Penn Treaty Park all day, remembering a warm evening here with his dad, watching the water, as the sun goes down.

"Well, it's almost over. Winter's almost gone. It'll be spring soon," Troy said.

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