A-list stars not visiting Allentown establishments despite Facebook events

It would have been a Diehard fan's delight--a Facebook invitation to "Eat Ice Cream with Bruce Willis" at Ice Cream World near Allentown, but store managers were quick to say it's 'Pulp Fiction.'

"I think it's kind of dumb whoever said that, like why would you ever make that kind of post?"

A FOX 29 investigation revealed that someone posted the fake event on Facebook and use what clearly looks like a doctored picture showing Willis holding an ice cream cone.

After numerous inquiries, Ice Cream World posted on social media it knows nothing about the event though they'd love to meet Bruce Willis if he were to show up.

But it didn't stop there.

"It was just crazy. The phones were ringing over dinner and we're busy as is on Wednesdays."

A separate Facebook event post said people could hangout with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis at Stahley's Bar on November 17th. A shock to the owners. No, they won't be there either.

In fact, further investigation revealed the fake event at Stahley's was canceled and moved to Mahoney's Irish Pub down the street. This proved to be a hoax as well.

Although Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis apparently were spotted at Allentown area establishments as seen in posts on social media and they are filming a movie in the area.