A Murder Suspect Walks Out of Jail After Giving Fake Name; Still On the Loose

Murder suspect Terrance Brown walked out of a Georgia jail after giving a fake name to officers, authorities said. He is still on the lam.

Brown, who has an outstanding arrest warrant for murder in Burke County, was arrested last week in Richmond County on an unrelated disorderly conduct charge and taken to the Charles B. Webster Detention Center, police said.

Georgia law does not require suspects to be fingerprinted when they enter jail, authorities said. They are, however, required to be fingerprinted when they are released.

Brown had no identification and gave his name as Alphonso Bray, cops said. He was fingerprinted during his release, but officers somehow did not see that the system came back with his real name and the outstanding warrant.

"Bottom line, we messed up on our end," Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree said, according to WAGT-TV.

A jail officer and a supervisor will be disciplined for not following county policy, Roundtree said.

Brown was bailed out by his brother, Antonio, authorities said.

Antonio Brown should have been asked for ID, but wasn't, officials said. He was later arrested and charged with aiding and permitting another to escape lawful custody, authorities said.

The status of that case was unclear. A request for comment from INSIDE EDITION was not answered late Friday.

Terrance Brown is wanted in connection with a 2014 shooting that left one man dead and another man wounded.

Richmond County officials were notified that Brown had walked free from their jail by relatives of Bray, who saw Brown's photo in a local newspaper, authorities said.

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