Highest gas prices since 2014 expected this holiday weekend, AAA Mid-Atlantic says

The area will experience the highest gas prices this holiday weekend since 2014 as a record number of drivers to hit the roads for the Fourth of July weekend, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

"I'm headed up to Lake George tomorrow," said Matt Hartley as he gassed up at Royal Farms in Ridley Park. He’s noticing higher prices at the pumps just as travel for July 4th begins. 

"They've definitely been going up a lot quicker than I anticipated," he said. $3.19 a gallon for regular in Delaware County. Tom McDermott says he isn’t surprised. 

"I expected it. They normally go up this time of the year," he said. McDermott drives for a living. 

He owns a car service and is looking forward to people traveling again and hopefully requesting him for a drive and pick-up at the shore. But he says higher gas prices will eat away at the increase in business. 

"The higher the price the less my net is," he said.  

"We are above $3.00 a gallon in this area. Delaware is just under $3.00. Prices in the area are a dollar more per gallon than they were this time last year. But that's understandable when you think about the demand," Jana Tidwell with AAA Mid-Atlantic said. 

Tidwell adds there are several reasons for the increase like the vaccine rollout and travel restrictions being lifted. Also, crude oil prices which make up 50% of a gallon of gas are up too. 

FOX 29 checked in Philly and found gas at $3.24 a gallon for regular. But Tidwell says don't bother shopping around. 

"You're going to burn gas driving around to find cheaper gas to save a few pennies," she said. 

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