Act of Kindness: Ocean City police officer helps woman with groceries

An Ocean City police officer's act of kindness has everyone talking. His actions went above and beyond the call of duty.

Kathleen Hargrove didn’t know the viral video even existed until FOX 29's Bruce Gordon showed it to her. The video shows an Ocean City police officer carrying her groceries up to her second-floor summer home on Central Avenue on Monday evening.

“It made me feel good because all you hear is bad about the police," Hargrove told FOX 29.

The 75-year-old woman just got home from a grocery trip to the nearby Acme when she says Officer Jim Crowley stopped his police SUV in front of her home.

 24-year-old Carly Crispin says her fiancé called her to the balcony of their vacation rental across the street and she started recording the good deed.

 “It’s just really nice to see someone take the time to do something seems small, but could mean a lot," Crispin said.