Adorable puppies named after Taco Bell menu items looking for ‘furever’ homes

A litter of puppies from Oklahoma City named after Taco Bell menu items are looking for their “furever” homes.

A few months ago, Ally Turley Young and her husband Steven volunteered to foster a terrier that was on the shelter’s kill list. They decided to name the pup “Taco Belle.”

What they weren’t expecting, however, was for Taco Belle to be pregnant. Soon, the couple became pet parents to a litter of nine puppies.

“We had nicknamed our foster Taco Belle (because why not) so naturally each baby was named after a Taco Bell menu item,” Ally wrote in a Facebook post. “Sadly one of the little pups didn’t make it, but the other taquitos are now ready to find their furever homes.”

In the days following the adoption announcement, Ally’s post went viral, receiving tens of thousands of reactions and shares on Facebook.

While pups Chalupa and Fiesta Potato have already been adopted, Cinnamon Twist, Crunchwrap Supreme, Doritos Loco, Quesarito, Gordita and Bellegrande are still in need of loving homes. The puppies are 8 weeks old.

The adoptions are being organized through Country Roads Animal Rescue in Oklahoma City.

“If you know a family looking for a spoiled puppy, please send them this way,” Ally wrote in her post.