Age is just a number: 96-year-old woman stays strong by attending dance classes at a local health club

A West Chester woman, who just celebrated her 96th birthday, gets up every morning with a pep in her step, thanks to her positive attitude and an aerobics dance class.

Cecilia Yaworski began taking exercise classes with her family at ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center in West Chester a few years ago. After turning 96 on September 13th, she's still going strong. 

"I'm happy," Yaworski said. "I'm really happy when I come here."

Yaworski's daughter, JoAnn, says she started bringing her to the classes after Yaworski's husband passed away. JoAnn thought it was important for her mom to have something to do while she went to work and ever since then, she's made plenty of friends and goes to class nearly everyday. 

"It brings her to life. She just comes to life when she's around people. She's made friends and everyone here loves her," said JoAnn. 


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Yaworski, originally from the Easton area, has lived all over Pennsylvania with her husband and kids. Her husband was a WWII veteran and after his passing in 2016, Yaworski moved in with her daughter and son-in-law where she's since worked various jobs and adopted a love for exercise. 

One of Yaworski's classmates says that she never stops smiling throughout the classes and that they even have a song, called "Cecilia," that the class dances to just for her. 

"Her smile, because she smiles all the time, brings out the smiles in all of us," said one of Yaworski's classmates. 

Despite the strength building that the classes provide, Yaworski says the most meaningful thing for her is the friendships that she's made. She says it's important for people to just smile.

"Make yourself smile. Tell yourself, ‘Hey, it’s a good day.,'" Yaworski said. "I get up in the morning everyday and say, ‘It’s the best day of my life.'"