Air quality dips as weather warms up in Philadelphia

Many walking the streets of Philadelphia on Monday probably only had their mind on the unseasonably warm temperatures. But hovering over the city streets was a thick cloud of smog.

Although hard to see from ground-level, the brown cloud of stale air was packed with irritants. Unfortunately for some, they do not have to see it to know it is there.

Local resident Gail Ross could feel the poor air quality through her allergies and asthma.

"I just have a little head congestion," said Ross.

FOX 29 meteorologist Scott Williams explained that the rare weather that has affected the Philadelphia area recently caused this dust cloud to roll in.

"You get the cooler air at the surface and a warm inversion layer which is acting like a cap," said Williams.

While most of Philadelphia would welcome the early dose of spring to stick around, allergy sufferers are just trying to survive.

"The key is to make sure you taek your medicine, carry your inhaler and don't be outside for prolongeed periods until that alert is lifted," said allergy expert Dr. Sandra Gawchik.