Airport helps Rockwall boy find lost bear

Dallas Love Field employees helped a little boy from Rockwall find his lost teddy bear.

The airport posted a "Special Lost Alert" on social media along with pictures of the boy's missing bear.

Tim Swofford said his 4-year-old son Luke's beloved bear was left on a bench outside the baggage claim area Thursday night. He was traveling with his grandparents at the time.

"After such a long day Nana pulled Teddy Bear out of the checked bag to comfort Luke (now way past his bedtime) while waiting on Granddaddy to get the car while seated outside baggage (door #1?) on a bench. Granddaddy arrived in the Honda Odyssey and while the car was being loaded Teddy must have got left behind," he said.

Swofford said the boy's grandfather drove back to the airport later that night to look for the bear but couldn't find it. The family has been working closely with Love Field.

Parents of young children can understand how devastated this little boy must be without his favorite stuffed animal. Luke has had the bear since he was born, Swofford said.

Luckily by Tuesday afternoon, airport employees were able to find the teddy bear. Lovefield Airport posted a short video on Twitter of an employee taking the bear to the lost and found.

The boy was reunited with his teddy bear Wednesday morning.