Alleged grocery robber: 'It's not your day old man'

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) - Police say a man is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a 79-year-old man and stealing his groceries on a Green Line light rail platform Monday night, Sept. 14. Metro Transit officers were patrolling the platform at 10th Street in St. Paul when a witness told them they had seen Eric Gordon Larson, 45, allegedly beating up an elderly man.

The 79-year-old victim told police he had set down his bag of groceries to buy a train ticket when Larson grabbed the bag and said "They're not yours anymore." Police say when the victim tried to get his bag back, Larson allegedly pushed him against the wall, punched him several times and threatened to throw him onto the tracks, saying, "It's not your day, old man."

The victim had several bruises on his arm and face and claimed Larson also broke his prescription glasses, the Ramsey County sheriff's office said.

Video surveillance of the area showed Larson allegedly assaulting the victim. He is being charged with one count of aggravated robbery. Larson has previously been convicted of domestic assault, according to the Ramsey County sheriff's office.