Allentown residents on edge after rash of shootings

Residents in Allentown are on edge after more than two dozen shootings in less than two months. 

Allentown, Pennsylvania’s third-largest city, is struggling with a summer of gun violence that has neighbors feeling hopeless.

The violence caught the state’s attention in June when 10 people were shot in the early morning outside the Deja Vu nightclub. Since June 1, there have been 25 shootings.

On the phone Wednesday, Allentown Police Chief Tony Alsleben admitted he’s not sure why. The chief says he sees no link between the city-wide violence. He also says the victims unwilling to speak about their attackers are slowing investigations.

"These are people who don’t really trust the police. These are former gang members, gang members, people whose family members have been to jail," Pas Simpson, with Zero Youth Violence.

Simpson manages a program battling youth violence. He claims some of the gun-play comes from the Latin Kings, the Bloods, the Crips. Street gangs that roam the streets of Allentown. He argues Allentown lacks summer programs and community centers for young people left with nothing to do so they find trouble.

Allentown Police Chief Tony Alsleben says he's increasing his manpower and meeting with community groups.