American Airlines announces hundreds of flight cancellations out of PHL

The summer of travel woes will most certainly continue into the fall. American Airlines is the latest to announce hundreds of flight cancellations in the coming months.

The security lines at the airport are the least of the concerns at Philadelphia International. With a summer filled with canceled flights, travelers are just happy they are getting to their destination.

"Most of my flights recently have been canceled or delayed," Whitney Hunsaker said.

"They are short of pilots, they are short in flight attendants. They are short on everything, but for those of us that have to do it for a living, it’s kind of a pain," stated John Glaze.


American Airlines, PHL’s largest carrier, tells FOX 29 it’s cutting up to five percent of departing and arriving flights through September and October.

Compared to schedules published in June, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal, it means a total of nearly 1,800 American cancellations at Philadelphia, alone and a potential of 118,000 fewer passengers. And, everyone knows the frustration of cancellations.

Philadelphia International Airport.

"When that happens, everything you plan and scheduled changes completely. And, it gets you stressed and, if you have family, you get more stressed. If you have kids, it’s more stressful," explained Evelyn Garcia.

American says the adjustments are not a result of staffing issues. Either way, many passengers are now preparing to be canceled.

"I’m a wedding photographer, so I usually try to be proactive and reschedule my flights. So I leave a day early, because some days I have been canceled and have to wait another day to get on the flight," Hunsaker commented.

Many American passengers are already being notified of fall flight cancellations. The airline says alternative flights don’t meet passengers needs, there will be a full refund.