America's Unknown Child remembered in Cedarbrook

A 61-year-old cold case still has investigators trying to figure out who a young boy was, found discarded in Philadelphia's Cedarbrook area.

On a cold November morning at a cemetery in Philadelphia's Cedarbrook section, a small group gather for a boy they've only known in death. Members of the Vidocq Society - experts in cracking cold cases - remember the "boy in the box," 61-years after the unidentified child was found discarded on a Fox Chase street. It's a case that has long lingered in the collective memory of the city.

"He's the symbol of all the children that are missing and abused. Everybody deserves a name. Everybody should be called by their name," said William Fleisher, with the Vidocq Society.

"It's important to remember this boy's life was taken at an early age and it's something that shouldn't ever happen to any other child," said Nicholas Kerschbaum.

New DNA developments and the proliferation of genealogy websites keep the case active.

"We're working on DNA evidence and genealogy research and hopefully, I'm convinced, someone knows who that boy is and is going to tell us something," explained Fleisher.

The case remains open with the Philadelphia Police Department. The Vidocq Society hopes new technological advances will one day break this case open.