Anti-violence rally held in East Germantown

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Anti-violence groups set up in East Germantown where several people including a child were shot last week.

"I'm tired of being tired. Enough is enough. I am the face of all these mothers out here who have lost children to the senseless violence," said Cherie Ryan as she stood before an East Germantown community with a raw and heartfelt testimony about her son Terence.

"25 years ago this gun killed my son. The same gun that shot that six year old should not be on the street today," she said.

Ryan and others affected by gun violence along with community groups fighting against the problem were part of a rally today at Ashmeade and Magnolia. It's where several people including a six year old boy was shot last week. Neighbors stood sat on their porches listening to the call for justice by several community leaders.

As father tried to reach residents through the pain of losing his son Jarell Seay.

"Our children are in trouble man. Our boys and our girls are in trouble. I lost mine five years ago," said Joel Seay.

Commissioner Richard Ross says he was there to hear from residents.

"This is absolutely needed. We got two babies as far as I'm concerned that were hit with gunfire in a short span of time and not far from each other. It's just ridiculous," said Commissioner Ross.

The rally was organized by the Philadelphia Anti-Violence Coalition.

"We have to really figure out how to get to the young men who have guns who think the only way to solve these disputes and arguments is with guns," said Bilal Qayyum with the Philadelphia Anti Violence Coalition.

And for a father who already lost his son, a passionate plea for residents to police their communities along with law enforcement.

"We have to be responsible for these young men. We know who they are. We know y'all. Just because it's your nephew, your brother or your cousin we got to give them up before they kill somebody else y'all," said Seay.