Apparent network of thieves targeting cars in Radnor Twp., police say

Police in the Radnor Township have a warning for residents. Someone is targeting cars, breaking in and stealing whatever is inside while the owners enjoy a day at the park or the golf course.

"If you're gonna steal something, you wanna steal from certain areas," explained Sgt. George Smith, of the Radnor Township Police Department.

Like an exclusive mainline golf club where Radnor Twp. Police say a woman got a hold of bank cards, credit cards, check books and more, then hit the bank drive-thru windows. Detectives are tracking some leads, but they're hoping someone has seen her.

"The public's help is always appreciated in that. Once we get one, we'd like to take down the rest," Sgt. Smith said.

It's a network of crafty criminals, Sgt. Smith believes, working in groups of two to three and they're good at it.

"I believe they have spotters out there working multiple person teams with different vehicles. They do try to disguise themselves like the person because they have a driver's license in there. We have a restaurant chain up on Lancaster Avenue with multiple businesses that, unfortunately, cars have been broken in to," Sgt. Smith explained.

Sgt. Smith says half the time, there's no need to break in, as the door is open and the goods are in plain sight. The culprit is long gone by the time the police are called.

"Call immediately because we had three incidents this week where people were waiting 30 to 45 minutes before they called us," Sgt. Smith said.