Area waterways extra secure for DNC, update on road restrictions

We're just days from the Democratic National Convention, but it's not just the Wells Fargo Center and Center City under extra protection.

It's all hands on deck to keep the politicians, delegates, public and officers safe.

Part of that protection involves ensuring the safety of our waterways.

The Coast Guard's chief of enforcement told FOX 29's Steve Keeley about restrictions on the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers.

He met Carlos Crespo along the Delaware, near National Park and the Red Bank battlefield.

Normally, authorities look for boaters under the influence but it's becoming a very secure zone.

There will be special security zones from Monday through Thursday.

The restricted areas will be 500 yards north and south of the Girard Point and Platt bridges, and from the entrance to the Schuylkill River to Tinicum Island.

Also, expect to see law enforcement from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Of course, not all details are being made public.

At the same time, PennDOT issued a reminder that commercial vehicles weighing more than five tons will not be able to travel on I-95 between Exit 13 (I-76 West, Route 291, Valley Forge) and Exit 22 (Vine Street Expressway, I-676) from Saturday at noon until midday Friday, July 29.

Also, I-95 exit ramps at Exit 17 (Broad Street, Route 611) will be closed to all traffic coming from both directions starting on Friday at 8pm. (The southbound exit ramp will be open intermittently, but only for access to the Navy Yard.) The ramps are scheduled to reopen by midday the following Friday, July 29.

All highways will remain open to passenger vehicles, but commuters and commercial truck drivers should allow extra time on I-76, I-676 and Route 291 during the convention due to commercial vehicles being diverted off I-95.

Commercial vehicles to be kept off I-95 include delivery trucks, utility vehicles, parcel trucks, small dump trucks, buses, flatbed and stake trucks, refrigerated and box trucks, large delivery trucks, refuse trucks, cement mixers, buses, and all tractor trailer combinations including double trailers.

Motor homes and recreational trailers operated for personal use and weighing more than five tons will also will be restricted.

Posted northbound detours for drivers of restricted vehicles are Route 291 (Penrose Avenue) east, to 26th Street, to I-76 west, to I-676 east.

Southbound, drivers are advised to take I-676 west, to I-76 east, to 26th Street, to Route 291(Penrose Avenue) west.

Click here for PennDOT's detailed travelers' website for more, including real-time traffic conditions and street closures.