Arizona company ships generators after Hurricane Michael leaves thousands without power

PEORIA, Ariz. -- With thousands of people still without power due to Hurricane Michael, that means they're going to need a lot of generators and that's where an Arizona company comes in.

All of these storms are keeping FIRMAN Power Equipment, which is based out of Peoria, very busy. They have to keep up with their normal demand all while trying to make sure the people in the affected areas get the help they need.

"We've had folks last year from Puerto Rico use these for months and months getting four or 5,000 hours for them," said Greg Montgomery, President of FIRMAN Power Equipment.

Hurricane Michael swept through the Florida panhandle on Wednesday, ripping apart homes and businesses and knocked out power, leaving thousands of people in the dark. Among the many products going quickly off of store shelves: generators.

"For certain retail partners like a Costco, we'll maintain a massive storm response, but when you get two storms together like this, it becomes challenging.. making sure you can get all of the product they need," said Montgomery.

Montgomery says when a hurricane hits an area, they send thousands of additional generators to keep up with the demand. Product is still being shipped out to Florida from their headquarters in Peoria.

"In the last probably month because of Florence and now Michael, we sold through probably 50 to 55,000 pieces of equipment," he said.

With just one hurricane, the company's annual volume will jump by about 15 percent.

"If you get a second hurricane, it will jump by 20 to 25 percent. After that, you're kind of out of product," said Montgomery.

Montgomery says they send their technical support staff to those affected areas to help make sure all of the generators are up and running and to be able to help people who have any issues with them.

Restoring power in Florida could take weeks.

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