Army Vet Saves Lost Pit Bull From Attackers

LAS VEGAS, NV- An Army Veteran comes to the rescue, saving a Pitbull from a pair of attackers.

The good samaritan says the pair was beating the dog in the rain.

"'I had just seen these two guys kicking a dog, like up against the wall," recalled veteran Lee Coffman.

Lee Coffman couldn't believe his eyes when he saw two men attacking a Pitbull in the rain. He didn't want to start trouble with the attackers but, he couldn't bear to allow them to continue beating her.

"I jumped out, and I was hollering at them when I was making the U-turn, and I was like, 'Hey! Quit! Quit!' I came back, opened up my door, and as soon as I opened up my door, they took off," Coffman said.

Less than a mile away, the Pitbull's family had been searching for their family dog, Blue.

"I actually slept outside last night just hoping she would come back, and she never did," Blue's owner Erik Morrison explained.

Morrison says he's cared for blue since she was born nine years ago. He says she hates thunderstorms and tries to escape every time one strikes.

This time she was successful, but sadly ran into the wrong kind of people.

"It's terrible to think that they would do that, I mean, you'd think somebody would have some compassion or at least some morals. It makes me want to cry honestly just thinking about it," Morrison said.

But thankfully, there was someone who had that compassion for the helpless dog. After scaring off her attackers, Lee refused to leave her alone.

"She was kind of looking at me and doing a little wobble, but she couldn't get in the truck, so I picked her up and put her in the back of the truck and took her home," Coffman said.

Lee, an Army Veteran and a dog-owner himself, kept Blue overnight, then took her to the vet first thing.

Besides a couple of bruises to her legs, blue was fine. The veterinarian scanned her microchip, and gave Lee the owner's contact.

The Morrison family was so happy and grateful their pet was back home safe.

"She's a member of the family. You can't just abandon a member of the family or give up looking," Morrison explained.