As childhood COVID cases rise, anxious parents seek answers, advice

New data show kids are being hospitalized for COVID at an alarming rate. It’s news that is making many parents anxious.

"This does not feel like a surge. This feels like a tsunami," Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Coren stated.

Coren is busy answering questions parents have about the surge in positive COVID-19 cases in children, beginning with how bad are most COVID symptoms in infected children?


"Thank goodness, what we’re seeing is pretty mild. Tons and tons of it, but we haven’t really seen too many kids that are concerning to us, so that is definitely reassuring," Dr. Coren answered.

In regard to what she is seeing specifically, Dr. Coren replied, "Most of the kids have low grade fevers, runny noses, cough, congestion when they’re vaccinated. Our unvaccinated kids tend to have higher fevers, a little bit more significant cough and congestion and the babies seem to have even higher fevers, like the kids under a year. But, it’s mostly just bad colds."

Dr. Coren then went on to advise parents of positively tested children, "A lot of our children, for two years, we’ve been telling them, ‘Don’t get this, this is horrible,’ and now they're getting it and they’re terrified. And, that anxiety is really having a huge impact on them. So, I think reassuring children when they get the virus that they’re most likely going to be completely and totally okay, they’re just going to be boogied. I think my biggest piece of advice is if your child is old enough to be immunized, immunize them. The kids who are immunized barely have symptoms."



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