Attempted child abduction reported in Bucks County

Residents and children are unsettled in a quiet Quakertown neighborhood, and after an attempted abduction, parents aren't taking any chances.

Police in Quakertown say they rushed to the scene of an attempted child abduction. Luckily, the boy is fine.

While the kids played outside on the quiet street in Quakertown, a police officer went door-to-door the day after a 7-year-old boy told police a man tried to abduct him right next to his home on Elm Street.

According to Sgt. Josh Mallery of the Quakertown Police Department, the child said he came outside to ride his bike just before 7:00 a.m. when a black man allegedly hiding behind the bushes jumped out and said, "Hey little kid," and reached out to grab him.

The boy ran toward Neidig Elementary School on N. Penrose Street, where he was later found by his mother.

Neighbor Randy Gehlert expressed his concern about the situation.

"It makes the way you let your child experience the neighborhood different," Randy said.

The Gehlerts have three sons, and they know the victim. They are alarmed it happened so close to home.

One of the Gehlerts' sons, Seth, also expressed worry over the attempted abduction.

"It's kind of concerning having someone do that feet away from your house," Seth said. "It's terrifying."

While cops say this was an isolated incident, they are telling parents to be on guard.

Police have looked for surveillance video here in the neighborhood, and they are asking residents who may have cameras to check them.

The boy described the man as 20-30 years old, with a thin build and buzz cut, who talked with a raspy voice. He was last seen wearing a black pullover sweatshirt, black jeans and blue sneakers.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Quakertown Police Department at 215-536-5002 or 215-795-2931.