Authorities search for vandals in Delaware County

Haverford, Pa. (WTXF) Authorities in Haverford are trying to figure out who is spray painting racist symbols in the township.

Police say someone placed swastikas outside the local high school. Unfortunately, it's not the first time someone has sprayed these hateful signs around town.

Swastikas, widely recognized symbols of hate, have been spotted at least 3 times in our area in the last month in some unexpected places. The first painted on a trash can in Haverford sparked a national movement of neighbors painting their own trash cans with positive symbols as a show of unity and love versus hate. The second, recently showed up on the tennis courts at Haverford High School and was immediately removed. The last swastika, found at Swarthmore College, has some asking how many does it take in a small area of Delaware County before it becomes a cause for concern.

In each case, the police are investigating but have no immediate leads and have said that they have no reason to believe the cases are connected to each other.

The love of neighbors uniting and the immediate response from authorities is encouraging but the ADL told FOX 29 the uncertainty of why and who can never be minimized when dealing with a history of hate.