Battleship New Jersey begins trip home to Camden after historic dry-dock in Philadelphia

It's been nearly three months since Battleship New Jersey embarked on a historic journey, and now she's finally heading back to where she belongs.

The nation's most decorated battleship dry-docked at the Philadelphia Navy Yard back in March to undergo extensive maintenance.

The $10 million project included power washing and sandblasting to remove marine growth and debris; repainting; early warning corrosion system repairs; and inspecting, replacing and welding over more than 160 through-hole openings.


Battleship New Jersey completes move to Philadelphia Navy Yard for maintenance

The USS New Jersey completed its move to the Philadelphia Navy Yard on Wednesday. The ship is expected to undergo months of repairs and maintenance.

Now the work is done, and the vessel is ready to sail along the Delaware River once again, and find her home dock back in Camden.

The journey home will begin Friday morning as she departs the Philadelphia Navy Yard for Paulsboro, where she will have ballast work done for the next week.

FOX 29's Hank Flynn is getting the unique experience of riding onboard the ship for its first trip, along with 15 other guests who shelled out $3,000 a ticket!

After she's done in Paulsboro, Battleship New Jersey will be escorted by towboats to Camden on June 20.

A huge party, including lots of food and music, is planned for her big arrival home.