Battleship New Jersey: Inside look at historic dry docking in Philadelphia Navy Yard

Last month, the legendary Battleship New Jersey set sail from Camden to Philadelphia to dry dock for the first time in three decades.

On Monday, FOX 29's Hank Flynn got to walk underneath the 45,000-ton ship - a sight only few have been able to experience!

However, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is now open to the public while the ship sits at the Philadelphia Navy Yard through May.


Battleship New Jersey completes move to Philadelphia Navy Yard for maintenance

The USS New Jersey completed its move to the Philadelphia Navy Yard on Wednesday. The ship is expected to undergo months of repairs and maintenance.

Battleship New Jersey is currently undergoing critical maintenance to "keep us floating as a museum for another 30 plus years."

The $10 million project includes power washing and sandblasting to remove marine growth and debris; repainting; early warning corrosion system repairs; and inspecting, replacing and welding over more than 160 through-hole openings.

Officials say the most decorated battleship in U.S. history is expected to be back in its Camden dock by the middle of June.

In the meantime, you too can walk below Battleship New Jersey during a dry dock tour every weekend. More than 3,000 tickets have already been sold!