Bear spotted roaming in Winslow Township

A bear has been spotted roaming around in Winslow Township, New Jersey.

The uninvited guest showed you for breakfast Thursday morning in Lenore Capri’s Sicklerville backyard. Police believe the Winslow Township bear is now heading towards Monroe or Washington Township. 

“He was just walking passed the bird feed and that's when I turned around and she started yelling and I was ‘Oh my God. It’s like a real live bear,’” said Lenore Capri. “I was running around like a lunatic telling my neighbors to watch their small animals and their children.” 

Before Animal Control could get there, the bear scurried back into the woods through an opening in the fence. Afternoon rain washed away any trace of paw prints. 

“We’ve had plenty of deer, I’ve seen turkeys, snakes, lots of bugs, but never ever bears.” 

Sometimes you have to look up! A black bear was later spotted hanging from a tree on Johnson Road a couple of miles away. 

“If it’s the same bear then he is super fast,” said Capri. 

Just this week there have been several bear sightings in Camden County, Bucks County, plus Delco. 

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Winslow Township Police Lt Chris Dubler advises residents to remove bird feeders and if you see the bear, make loud noises, or back away slowly. Also, please no bear selfies, he says. 

“Give them their space. Let them go about their business. They are probably going to be more scared of you then you are of them.” 


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