Beautiful weekend ahead as temperatures near 80 degrees

Get ready for a pleasant and sunny weekend. With the beautiful weekend ahead, people want to get outdoors, but it's important to still practice social distancing. 

"It's nice to get out,” said Kimberly McBride. McBride and her girls were taking in the nice day at Rittenhouse Square. They finished out the work week and they're excited for the weekend. And who wouldn't be?

Saturday’s high is expected to be 72 and Sunday we're projected to reach 76 degrees.


"Out with the mask, hand sanitizer and wash my hands," said McBride. Liz Cline says she'll be out but still taking precautions against the coronavirus. She hopes others will too.

“I think it's going to be hard to practice social distancing when the weather gets warmer. It's just natural to go outside and have picnics, go on long walks and congregate in the parks," said Cline.

Most things are still closed but on Friday a major announcement from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. He says 24 counties mostly in western Pennsylvania will slowly start to open back up next week beginning May 8. That means things like in-person retail can open.

"We selected these counties in part because they have low per capita case counts. We selected these counties because we feel like in part we're ready with contact tracing and testing and other factors identified by experts and population density," said Governor Wolf.

Chris Morris and Sue McMonigle were out walking Nala this evening.

"I think you'll see a lot more people out and about but I think they'll try to find more open spaces like Ben Franklin Parkway or Martin Luther King Drive just to be able to spread out versus being on top of each other," said Morris. They have plans to enjoy the warm weather this weekend too but safely. McMonigle says she’ll Fairmount Park early morning avoiding later crowds.

"I think people are going to be really happy. I think they're going to be happy to be out and it might not be exactly six feet but I think people are gonna try. We're all just going to have to learn our way into this new reality and go and try to be careful," she said.

In those 24 counties starting to reopen restaurants and bars will still be limited to delivery and curbside service. Health centers, gyms, spas and movie theaters are still a no-go for

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