Beer Yoga: 60-year-old man's beer trick goes viral

A video of 60-year-old Bradford A Ritter performing a body-bending beer trick from November 29 has become a huge hit on Facebook.

At over 10.3 million views, the clip comes courtesy of Alyse Schiedler from Eugene, Oregon. Schiedler was visiting her mother Amy Brannan and stepfather Ritter in Bend, Oregon, for Thanksgiving when Ritter decided to perform a trick he apparently learned in college in 1974.

Attempting to drink a beer without touching it with his hands or arms, Ritter first balanced a two-thirds full beer on his head. He then backed down on to the ground before curling his legs around to grab the beer with his knees.

Ritter then continued to contort his body, turning and placing the beer on the ground before he gripped the glass with his mouth and drank down the entire contents.

Perhaps more impressively, Ritter said the man who showed him the trick could do it with a pitcher.

The YouTube version of the clip had 95,000 views, while the viral Facebook version -- shared over 100,000 times -- can be seen below.

When your 60 year old step dad bets you he can place a beer on his forehead and drink it without using his hands or...