Benefit concert held for Center City businesses still closed after water main break

Samson and 13th in Center City remains somewhat of a ghost town on this block. A few businesses remain closed after a large water main break that unleashed up to 15 million gallons of water knocking out power to businesses. It happened almost three weeks ago.

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"I am kind of surprised but not really surprised in the lack of the inability to service infrastructure in this country," said Paul Maas. His daughter works at Jefferson Hospital. They were temporarily affected.

"It impacted on the hospital and they had to evacuate portions of the building," he said. But businesses at the nucleus of the water main break are still suffering.

Tonight they got together for a fundraiser to help employees who are still out of work. Local musicians donated their time at the Underground Arts on Callowhill to help the workers like Kimberly Metallo make ends meet.

"I think it's just a really awesome because we've been out of work almost like a month now and honestly it hits me here. It's like thank you so much for doing this," said Metallo. Terrance Leach is one of the owners of Vintage Syndicate.

"It's taking a lot longer than we thought but our staff is really the ones taking the hit. We're trying to raise money for the bartenders," said Leach. Two of his businesses Time and Bar are benefitting from this event along Opa.

But he says they have insurance. The workers are his focus.

"It's important. It's their livelihood. We just want to keep them happy and able to survive through this," said Leach.