Bensalem Township passes first round of nominations for United States Space Force command center

Bensalem Township is among a handful of municipalities that could be host to a new command center for the United States Space Force. The township has already passed the first round of the nomination process.

It's not Cape Canaveral or the Johnson Space Center but it is Street Road and an empty patch of land along I-95 may soon be a new command center for the United States Space Force. The newly created division is now scouting the country for locations for its future home. A letter sent to the Department of Defense back in June signed by Governor Tom Wolf started the nomination process.

"It's been described to us as it will largely be an office complex. It will be populated by both civilian and military personnel. We anticipate a lot of jobs to be created for Bensalem and Bucks County for the region," Joseph Pizzo said.

Don’t expect rocket launches along the Delaware River, however. The new headquarters will house up to 1,500 people many of the positions desirable high paying tech jobs.

Township officials say Bensalem checks all the right boxes the Department of Defense is looking for, including proximity to highways and an air force base, existing infrastructure, quality of life, and the ability to respond to emergencies. The project still seems like a moon shot but the pay off could be out of this world.


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