Berks County Coroner identifies all 7 victims of West Reading explosion

The seven victims killed in an explosion at a Berks County chocolate factory were identified and their names were released Wednesday by the county coroner. 

The victims are 30-year-old Xiorky Nunez, 63-year-old Susan Halvonik, 62-year-old Michael Breedy, 44-year-old Diana Cedeno, 55-year-old Judith Lopez-Moran, 49-year-old Amy Sandoe and 60-year-old Domingo Cruz.

The family of Michael Breedy was holding out hope until the very end.

"It's a nightmare. It is horrible," said Elizabeth Breedy. She is seen in a picture with her husband 62-year-old Michael. The love of her life is now gone.


"Best husband anybody could ask for. He was kind and generous. I cannot even imagine living without him the rest of my life," said Elizabeth. It is the ending to their 40-year relationship including 35 years of marriage that she never expected. Michael was working in the RM Palmer Chocolate Factory in West Reading when an explosion March 24 killed seven people. Elizabeth said Sunday the coroner's office called asking for identifying scars or tattoos on his body and then today she received the news she had feared.

"The waiting was just excruciating and then to finally get the news from the coroner. It was just devastating. It really is. The main thing I asked today when they came by is if he suffered. They said no it was instant," she said.

Glenn Bealer says since he was eight or nine-years old Michael took care of him. "I consider him my God-given father. I grew up without a father and as far as a role model I could not think of a better example," said Bealer.

Wednesday, the Berks County Coroner's Office held a press conference releasing the names of all those killed in the explosion.

49-year-old Amy Sandoe is one of the victims. She is identified by family in a Facebook photo.

Frankie Gonzales spoke with FOX 29 Saturday at the scene and shared a picture of his sister, Diana Cedeno, who worked at the factory. She did not survive.

Elizabeth says the loss of her husband is the pain she knows all of the families are dealing with.

"I keep thinking he'll be coming home and it's very difficult and I know everybody that's going through this is having the same problem," she said. Elizabeth says her husband was a mechanic at the factory and had worked their 10 years.