Bitter cold keeping some away from beloved Center City Christmas Village

The storm and bitter cold are impacting holiday plans, but some are trying to make the most of it. It was so cold some of the vendors at Christmas Village in Center City closed shop early.

The Hot Cocoa Crew bundled up and kept the warmth flowing. The cider and cocoa is a game changer in the elements Friday.

Some hand-crafted French soap from Marsielle Import can make a warm bath at home that much better.


"It is so cold out, but whatever degree it is, that’s the percentage of discount we’re taking of the top," Adam Grode, with Marsielle Import, said. 

Vendors were getting creative as a wet and cold lead up to Christmas has dampened sales, but not spirits.

So what brings people out in temperatures this low? The answers ranged from the obvious to the not so obvious.

Shopper Blair Maginnis said, "Shopping, just enjoying the warm cider. I live in the area, so I just always come by."

And, shopper David Beldner followed up with, "A couple more gifts. I gotta get for a couple more people, but almost there."

"I’m actually meeting some friends. We’re going for a hike," commented Jonathan Stanwood. "I wanted to come here to Christmas Village because it’s beautiful and I also wanted to get a hot, spiked cider."

The bratwurst will sizzle for one more day as everyone shivers their way into the holiday.