Black bear spotted in Bucks County backyard

Another bear hunt is on, this time in Bucks County.

Doylestown police say the bear was sighted in the area of Ferry Road and Iron Hill Road Thursday.

New video shows the black bear was seen in a backyard, in the middle of the day.

Police say the Pennsylvania Game Commission has been notified and says they are working to trap the bear.

For Doylestown residents, the bear is the talk of the town.

"I said, ‘Oh my God, it’s right there!’ The bear was a stone’s throw from us," Jeremy Deppeler said.

Deppeler got his phone and shot video of the Bucks County bear Friday morning in his Doylestown backyard after others in his neighborhood group text did the same. "We all just kind of froze."

Caitlin Eagles unfroze just enough to snap a photo. "I was bringing some apples over to feed their chickens. I was with my son, Jake, and he’s like, ‘Get in, get in!’ And so we ran up the porch and there’s the bear just trotting along. Just didn’t even care, just trotting along."

Caitlin listened to the game warden, who showed up and urged people not to feed the bear.

The bear’s appearance made for an early Friday morning happy hour, as families with kids all safely watched the bear from a good distance.

Katie Deppeler exclaimed, "Honestly, I think it’s amazing! I love it! It’s fun!"

Things remained peaceful in nearby Peace Valley Park, that seemed to be packed on and near the water and no one let the local celebrity bear bother their holiday weekend out in the sun.