Black Student Union Hosts Rally At University of Delaware

Delaware--(WTXF)--Students packed the courtyard outside Mitchell Hall on the University of Delaware campus Wednesday evening.

"I feel like us having this conversation today can make people aware of it and allow people to feel more accepted," said a student from the podium.

A "Black Lives Matter" rally organized by the Black Student Union comes on the heels of an incident that heightened racial tension many say already existed on campus.

"We were around this area studying and seeing that was really heartbreaking," said Kevin Wu. He and others were shocked to see string and bent hangers first reported as nooses hanging from campus trees late Tuesday night.

"This campus is a hostile environment for students of color on this campus. As I gazed at images on trees I was brought to tears," said Ayanna Gill.

University officials condemned it and campus police started investigating it as a hate crime. But by morning, police determined it was all the remnants of lanterns that had been decorating trees from a campus event.

"I'm kind of skeptical about that and I'm hoping we'll continue looking at this instead of sweeping it under the rug," said Gregory Austin.

The diverse crowd of students at the rally say they concerns about racism on campus.

"It's not just about black lives. There's issues between Latinos and Asian Americans around the whole border," said Edwin Jung.

University staff told students their voices have been heard.

"I know that as a white male there is a whole heap of trouble that I never have to put up with," said a staff member.

"We want things to get better of course not only in this university but everywhere," said Colleen Scott.