Blind Cat in Need of Donations

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Vets with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society fought for months to save Landon's eyesight, but the 2-year-old tabby lost both eyes. He's in recovery at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society's shelter and is hoping for a forever home.

Landon is as rough and tumble as tom cats come. His playful spirit bounced back even after an experience most humans could never imagine.

"It took about 2 and a half months, we tried a number of different medications and approaches to his eye infections. His eyes would not respond so we made the decision to remove both of his eyes," Ame Wiltzius told FOX 29.

Landon is now completely blind and is learning to navigate the world around him. It hasn't been an easy road as Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society's adoption center manager Ame Wiltzius describes.

"He was just a little freaked out. In a new space, unable to see, lots of new smells he was unable to make sense of," she said.

But soon enough--with care and love from Ame and her staff-- the young tabby back to bouncing off the

"Cats teach us every day how resilient they are and what would be a traumatic experience for one of us they adjust to very quickly," she explained.

Landon landed at the city's animal control shelter after his owners surrendered him in July. He got sick as cats do, but for Landon it led to incurable eye infections, which is rare on both eyes. Paws stepped in and Landon's tale of woe soon had a happy ending.

Dozens of people have already applied to adopt Landon so Paws says they're pretty sure they will have a home for him pretty soon; however, there is one thing that they do need."

"It costs money. We are entirely totally donor funded. We depend on our supporters in order to enable us to provide the care these animals need and to give them a chance at life," Ame explained.

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