Blogger Gets Backlash for Amount of Gifts Under Christmas Tree

(WTXF) A mother in the U.K. is getting criticism after posting a picture of her Christmas tree.

Emma Tapping,35, blogs about ways to save money, according BuzzFeed News. Tapping posted a picture of her Christmas tree overflowing with presents to her Instagram page. She had only 258 followers at the time, she told BuzzFeed News. She was so excited for the holidays, but after a few days she was tagged in a picture on Facebook that made her upset.

Tapping's Christmas tree became one of the most popular posts on a Facebook page called "Take the piss funny pics n vids." But sadly, the message with the photo said this: "It's nearly time for all the materialistic parents to compete and broadcast how many presents their kids have. Just remember there's are a lot of children who won't get much."

Parents began to comment some agreed with the photo while others did not.

A social media user wrote, "This is disgusting."

One person wrote "Who cares?! If I could afford it I'd do the same for my kid's birthdays. It's the only time they get anything. My pile isn't big but they've got one thing that they've asked for, the rest is stuff for the year. Clothes perfume, etc."

While another person said, "My money, my prerogative."

Tapping defended herself and her family on her Facebook page with the following post:

I know this page is going to get busier and I know I am in the papers today so I thought I would set people straight on...